Apabistia Press

Research and Analysis in Physics, Cognition, and Science

Apabistia Press is my main research distribution point. I publish without tracking or advertising under a CC BY 4.0 license. Most articles are mine, though I occasionally add interesting articles by other authors, always at no cost.

Apabistia Noteshttps://sarxiv.org/apa contains article-format versions of comments I first posted in social media. Although social media's "please like me" incentives are corrosive to scientific research, it brings up interesting questions and documents publication of new ideas.

Apabistia Referenceshttps://sarxiv.org/ref provides access to important references documents that could be difficult to find otherwise. The first entry, "The Theory of Relativity [with Figures]", is my carefully reviewed translation, with figures, of an important talk Albert Einstein gave in Prague in 1911. It gives includes his derivation of the Twins' Paradox.

Apabistia Figureshttps://sarxiv.org/fig provides fast, easy access to stand-along figures in JPG and PDF formats.

Terry's Archive Online (TAO Journal)https://tarxiv.org/tao (description herehttps://apabistia.org/TAO) publishes mostly APA-style physics (TAO Physics) articles, but some address cognition and artificial intelligence (TAO Cognition), biochemistry (TAO Biochemistry), economics (TAO Economics), and scientific publishing (TAO Publishing).

Apabistia SFLhttps://sarxiv.org/sfl provides copies of selected pages from my Studies of the Feynman Lectures research notebooks.

Editor in Chief: Terry Bollinger (terrybollinger@gmail.commailto:terrybollinger@gmail.com)