Terry's Archive Online (TAO)

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ISSN: 2694-4596    DOI: 10.48034/taohttps://doi.org/10.48034/tao

Terry's Archive Online (TAO) is an open-access journal with articles primarily on science topics such as physics, cognition, and chemistry. Miscellaneous articles on topics that relate to science, such as publishing and economics, are also included. The specific topic areas of an article is indicated by an informal keyword after the journal name, e.g. TAO Physics.

TAO Physics has the most articles. A common theme of TAO Physics articles is that since the completion of the Standard Model of particle physics in the 1970s, progress in physics theory has been inhibited by the inadvertent rapid growth of mathematical and conceptual noise. Conceptual and mathematical noise are to theory what ordinary noise is to information transmission, in that both make it difficult to discern what is truly important.

Whenever possible, TAO articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licensehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ (CC BY 4.0. You can redistribute such articles as you choose, provided that you preserve the author attribution, article title, journal citation, and DOI.

TAO article URLs and filenames are short by design. The general format is https://tarxiv.org/tao.yyyy‑mm‑dd.pdf. The four-digit year, two-digit month, and two-digit day are the inception date of the article. In combination withe the TAO Journal prefix tao, this inception date serves as the unique identifier for all files and folders associated with the article. The inception date of an article is typically when it was first defined, accepted, or reserved. The Journal number is identical to the inception year, the Issue number is identical to the inception month, and the combination of inception month and inception day, mmdd, gives the electronic page (ePage) number of the article within its Volume. The tarxiv repository also contains Volume (tao.yyyy) and Issue (tao.yyyy-mm) web pages that list all articles within their scopes. The repository also provides BibTex bibliography files with .bib endings and article titles, and Summary web pages (folders) for each article.

Files that append ob1, ob2, to the inception data of an article are obsolete versions of the article. TAO uses Kenobi versioninghttps://tarxiv.org/tao.2020‑11‑06.pdf, in which the online name always points to the most recent document version, and obsolete versions are indicated by suffices.

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